Prefold Cloth Diapers

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As parents, we'd give our children the world. So why not give them the healthiest diapers possible? No mysterious ingredients, hormone-disrupting phthalates, or skin irritating plastic. Just 100% sustainably grown cotton.

Your baby's skin will thank you.  

I believe that making healthy choices for your baby and the planet should be convenient. And that's just what you'll get - wholesome, earth-friendly, truly healthy diapers with the convenience that busy parents need. You'll also get personalized diapering support so you will feel completely supported along the way. 

Let's get down to the details: 

- This is for a four week subscription at $27.50 per week. 

- No need to rinse or spray off the diapers. Just toss them in your diaper pail and set them out for pickup once a week. 

- Our OsoCozy prefolds are made with 6-8 layers of absorbent cotton fabric.

- The diaper covers are made with high quality waterproof PUL and come in dozens of adorable prints and patterns.

- This subscription includes the rental of: up to 80 cotton prefolds, 6 diaper covers, up to 7 doublers as needed, 2 Snappi's, 1 laundry bag, weekly delivery service, and cloth diapering help and support. 

(Washing the diaper covers is not included. We do offer a subscription add-on of $10.00 a week that includes the washing of your diaper covers along with additional covers.)

We also recommend purchasing a wet bag to store dirty diapers in when you are out and about. 

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