How Our Service Works


Once a week we drop off your customized order of freshly laundered cloth diapers at your front door and pick up your used ones. You can easily customize each week's order via text message, phone call, or login to your account on our website. All diapering supplies are rented from us with the exception of the Lusa Organics Booty Balm and the Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags.

Cost and Billing 

We have a straightforward cost of $20 a week, billed at the beginning of a four week cycle. You are free to cancel at anytime and will receive a refund for any weeks that you have not yet used. When you first sign up for the service you will enter your payment details, but you will not be billed until 3 business days before your first drop off day. 

Our Diapers

We use OsoCozy 100% cotton prefolds and diaper covers from Rumparooz, ImagineBaby, Thirsties, and AlvaBaby. Our shelves are stocked with solutions for various diapering challenges. Have a heavy wetter? Extra chunky legs? Tall and lean? Sensitive skin? Want a fit that’s not bulky? You name it and we will work with you to find a brand and a fit that helps your baby thrive. Our diaper covers come in a wide variety of adorable prints. Diaper covers are made with waterproof PUL fabric that can be wiped and reused as needed until wash day. 

Our $20 weekly service does not include the washing of the diaper covers. These can be wiped clean and reused. When you feel they need an extra cleaning just hand wash them or throw them in with your regular laundry (Just don't use fabric softeners, bleach, or high heat in the dryer). They are easily wipeable so they should not have poop on them when going into your laundry.

We also offer a subscription add-on of $2 a week that includes the washing of your diaper covers along with the rental and weekly washing of a wet bag and a wet/dry bag. This $22 weekly subscription includes the rental and washing of everything you need to cloth diaper: cotton prefolds, doublers, diaper covers, laundry bags, diaper pail liners, and wet bags. 

Our Cleaning Process 

We partner with a local laundry facility to clean and sanitize our diapers. We wash them in 160+ degree water and chlorine-free oxygen bleach. There are no fragrances used in the processing of the diapers. Our diapers are p.H balanced to your baby’s skin which helps prevent rashes. They go through four quality control checks before we drop off the diapers at your front door. 

Oxygen bleach consists of hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate which breaks down into only oxygen and water resulting in zero negative environmental impact. Both have received an A rating by The Environmental Working Group. We are able to get cloth diapers cleaner than home washing with less water use and less environment impact. 


We offer text alerts when we drop the diapers off at your front door as well as reminders on the last day to customize your order for the week. You can also text us back with diapering questions, subscription changes, or order customization. We are readily available via email ( and over the phone (————-). 


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