Why Cloth Diaper?

An estimated 90-95% of parents use disposable diapers for their babies. Each year this results in 20 billion disposable diapers that will take an estimated 500 years to ever-so-slowly decompose in landfills across our beautiful nation. Single-use plastic diapers make up 30% of non-biodegradable waste and are the 3rd largest consumer item in landfills. Each baby using disposable diapers creates 2,000 pounds of non-biodegradable garbage.

Beyond the destructive environmental impacts after use, the process of making disposable diapers is also harmful. One cup of crude oil goes into making a single disposable diaper. Every year 200,000 trees and 3.4 billion gallons of oil are used to produce single-use plastic diapers in our nation alone.

Those are also the ingredients that are next to your baby’s skin - bleached wood pulp, Super Absorbent Polymer (aka Sodium Polyacrylate), and polypropylene and polyethylene as a top sheet and back sheet. The latest research suggests that all plastic products leak at least some amount of chemicals, including potentially harmful ones like dioxins. Cloth diapers allow your baby’s skin to breathe with layers of soft, absorbent, sustainably grown cotton which leads to less rashes. Cloth diapers are as pure and natural as disposable diapers are synthetic. I mean, which would you rather have next to your skin?

We are excited about the continuing green trend in diapering. Some companies have come out with bamboo, biodegradable, or compostable diapers which do have less negative environmental impact in the process of making the diapers. However, if you’re tossing these diapers in your regular garbage then they won’t be composted or be in the right environment to biodegrade properly. Consequently, you’d be paying extra for ‘green’ features that you won’t be using unless you also pay for a diaper composting service.

Why do so many parents choose disposables? They’re SO convenient! We understand and that’s why we’re here. So that you can have a diaper that performs and impresses in every area without any need to compromise.

We believe that babies should be diapered in a way that doesn't harm the planet that they're being born into. That's why we provide you with diapers that really work - for your lifestyle, your baby, and the world they'll grow up in.

✅ Wrap your baby in soft, absorbent layers of sustainable and renewable 100% cotton which fully allows their skin to breathe. They are washed without any harmful ingredients, sanitized, and pH balanced to 7.0 - the same as the skin of a newborn baby.

✅ Our waterproof diaper covers all feature double-gusset leg openings that are very effective at decreasing leaks. We have a selection of highly rated brands that have years of popularity among cloth diapering families. Most families report less leaks when cloth diapering.

✅ Our diaper covers come in an extensive array of colorful patterns and darling prints that will melt your heart.

✅ Cloth diapers are the most environmentally friendly diapering option available. We use OsoCozy prefolds made with sustainably grown cotton. Our laundering ingredients break down into only oxygen and water resulting in zero negative environmental impact. Cloth diapering your baby saves thousands of pounds of non-biodegradable waste from entering Wisconsin landfills where it would release toxic methane gas for hundreds of years.

✅ Convenient? I'll say so! We do everything for you except change your baby. We drop off clean fluffy diapers on your doorstep once a week and pick up your used ones. No need to spray, rinse, soak, treat stains, launder, or make emergency runs to the store. Just toss the diaper in your pail and set on your doorstep once a week.

✅ We are available via phone call (817-805-5485) or email (info@wholesomediaper.com) on a daily basis. Each week's delivery is fully customizable. Our shelves are stocked with solutions for various diapering challenges. Have a heavy wetter? Extra chunky legs? Tall and lean? Sensitive skin? Want a fit that’s not bulky? You name it and we will work with you to find a brand and a fit that helps your baby thrive. We are committed to serving you each step of the way and making your diapering journey go as smoothly as possible.

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