Give Your Baby Healthy & Toxin-Free Diapers

Cloth diapers are the healthiest diapers for your baby's skin and for the planet.

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Why Cloth Diaper?

Our service provides you with high-quality cloth diapers delivered right to your doorstep, ensuring your baby stays comfortable and dry without harming the environment with single-use plastics.

With easy-to-use cloth diapers and hassle-free pickup and delivery, you'll enjoy the convenience of modern parenting while reducing your carbon footprint.

Join the movement towards sustainable living and give your baby the best with our Cloth Diaper Service.

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Discover the healthiest choice for your baby with our cloth diaper service.

Our diapers are made from gentle, breathable fabrics that are free from harmful chemicals and additives, ensuring your little one's delicate skin stays happy and irritation-free.

Unlike disposable diapers, which can contain potentially harmful substances, our cloth diapers provide a natural and comfortable alternative that promotes healthy development. 

Hear What Other Parents Say

We switched to cloth becuase my daughter had a persistent diaper rash that we couldn't resolve with anything else we tried. This week, her rash is almost completely gone and she is much more comfortable.

Megan B.

Dallas, TX

I wish 10 stars was an option, my wife wanted to do cloth diapering and we decided Wholesome Diaper Co. was going to be our service. 

After looking at the cost to buy our own, in sizes, then added wash, water, detergent or A LOT of new garbage with disposables, from a cost stand point this IS the way to go.

The best part yet, since we switched to cloth we have had ZERO blow outs, saving so much extra headaches and laundry.

Nate S.

Fort Worth, TX

Abigail and her family are so sweet and personally care about their business and clients. Her consultation and friendly patience was so appreciated as I experimented with cloth diapering my first baby.

I learned to love it and my baby cried less with these diapers than when she has a dirty disposable diaper. 

The diapers were always super clean, smelled fresh, and neatly packed. What a dream! 

Alisha A.

The Colony, TX

Really great experience with Wholesome Diapers - they make using cloth easy! I love that they have a half cloth/half disposable option for those couples where only one person is into cloth. 

They have great customer service - I needed a fair amount of hand holding figuring it out, especially when it came time to size up, and they were extremely helpful!

Eva P.

Milwaukee, WI

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Two Weeks of Sample Cloth Diaper Service
Two Weeks of Sample Cloth Diaper Service

Two Weeks of Sample Cloth Diaper Service


Hello! It seems you've been referred to us by a friend, and we're grateful for their recommendation. Since you come highly recommended, we'd like to offer you a complimentary two-week trial of our cloth diaper service to see if it suits your family's needs.

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