Premium Diapers

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Our premium cloth diaper subscription includes up to 70 All-in-Two inserts and 10 covers. The inserts are made of hemp and organic cotton with a top layer of micro-fleece to keep baby's skin dry. 

The All-in-Two diapers are more simple to use than our regular prefold subscription as it does not require folding and also has premium fabrics to keep baby's skin healthy and dry. Our clients often say these are just as easy to use as disposables if not more so. 

- This is for a four week subscription at $50 per week. A $25 setup fee is included in your first order. 

- No need to rinse or spray off the diapers. Just toss them in your diaper pail and set them out for pickup once a week. 

- This subscription includes the rental of: up to 70 inserts, 10 diaper covers, up to 7 doublers as needed, 1 laundry bag, weekly delivery service, and cloth diapering help and support. 

- This subscription is only available in our Dallas location. For our Milwaukee location please see our fitted diaper subscription.

(Washing the diaper covers is not included. We do offer a subscription add-on of $10.00 a week that includes the washing of your diaper covers along with additional covers.)

We also recommend purchasing a wet bag to store dirty diapers in when you are out and about. 

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