Planet Wise Wet Bags

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We offer Planet Wise medium-sized wet bags for purchase. Sewn and sealed seams make this wet bag guaranteed leakproof even with the wettest diapers. These wet bags are a must for cloth diapering. They are perfect for use when you're out and about and need a safe place to store your cloth diapers (or other wet or badly stained items) and minimize odors until you get home. Planet Wise wet bags are five star rated and are the leading choice of cloth diapering families. 

Made with high-quality PUL inner lining that is anti-microbial and inhibits the growth of bacteria or fungi. 

**This product is available for purchase and is not a rental. We do not offer laundering of this item.** 

Size: 12.5"x16"

Machine wash and dry with clothes or cloth diapers. Do not use bleach.